I have been working on a useful application for those who play the game Dark Age of Camelot.

Introducing the DAoC Settings Switcher!

The Settings Switcher

This little application will allow you to make backups or templates of your settings file, which contains your Quickbar and Resolution settings, amongst other things. You may then load those backups into your active settings file.

This makes it very useful for those who often respec their characters and find they have to spend a while filling in abilities to return their quickbars to the way they want them.

Update: The application may now be used to copy your quickbars and settings from one toon to another, including across servers

Please note: This program requires Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 – The installer will point you to the download/install location for .Net if it detects that you do not have it.

Latest Release: 08/22/2011 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.3.0

New Features:

  • Included a new settings file “settings.dat” in the application data directory. You can use it to override the pointer to the quickbar *.ini files.

(please report bugs if you encounter them)

If you like this software, please feel free to donate:

Older Releases:

03/24/2010 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.2.3

Bug Fixes:

  • Moved the data files to the User’s Application Data folder, due to unauthorized write access to the program files folder for some users of Windows 7 and Vista
    After installing this version, you will have to run the restoration tool from the tools menu in order to get your characters re-registered with the program.

02/03/2010 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.2.2

New Features:

  • Redesigned back end data storage to do away with any database communication.
  • Associated with the above, included a Toon Restoration utility to restore the Registered characters list after upgrade.

Bug Fixes:

  • The above new feature has also fixed any bugs you may have had associated with modifying primary keys at startup

02/02/2010 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.2.1

New Features:

  • Added Support for servers Gaheris, Mordred and Pendragon
  • Included script to patch the data file schema when the program launches to support the above

01/29/2010 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.2

New Features:

  • A copy feature has been added to allow you to copy settings/quickbars to different characters
  • Introduced a template restoration utility, allowing you to restore any saved templates in the rare chance that the data file is wiped. (this was made for those who may have version 1.00. The uninstaller was not set to save the data file)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed unhandled exceptions when operations were made on saved templates without selecting a template
  • Added some more detailed error messages and added extra error catching

01/26/2010 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.01

01/25/2010 — DAoC Settings Switcher 1.00


37 Responses to DAoC Settings Switcher

  1. Jacob Smith says:

    I took a look at your Settings Switcher program, and really like the idea behind it, but do you have any plans on adding Gaheris (and I guess Mordred) support? Since I only play Gaheris, your program is useless for me, even though I would probably find the program incredibly useful.

    • Rols says:

      Within the week I will upload an updated version of the program to include Gaheris, Mordred and Pendragon.

      I might even include all the old servers so the program can be used to copy quickbars from there to ywain.

  2. Jacob Smith says:

    Ah, alright, thanks!

  3. Rols says:

    I’ve just uploaded the new release that supports Mordred, Gaheris and Pendragon. Let me know if you run into any bugs! Cheers :)

  4. Jacob Smith says:

    A feature idea, although not really a bug, an option to browse the stored characters so we don’t have to recall names?

  5. Rols says:

    Browsing stored characters is not a bad idea. I could probably add it to the toon registration window, and order them by server.

    I think my original reason for including toon registration at all, is that my settings folder is full of toons I never use, and I didn’t want them junking up the screen.

  6. Jacob Smith says:

    Trying to name a template “50/50″ for a Gaheris friar gave an unhandled exception, probably because the / made it want to create a new folder, but / isn’t listed as an unacceptable character like when you try to use – _ .

  7. Kala says:

    At launch (with the latest version), some error box “Unknown”, then an error box “No index ‘PrimaryKey’ exist on the table ‘characters’”, then a “The main/primary (sry translating from french) key already exist” box, followed by a .NET Error:
    (WinXP 32bits, French)

    Edited by Administrator: removed the rest of your (long) bug report for neatness in the comments section. I have kept a copy of the rest of the information. Thank you!

  8. Rols says:

    hmmm second problem with unknown popup box on a french version of windows.

    Can you try version 1.2 instead and tell me if you still have any errors? Some of those errors that you show are related only to 1.2.1

  9. Rols says:

    I think I might work to redesign the program to not include a database file at all. It seems to be causing way too much trouble

  10. Kala says:

    Well, now it’s back to showing only “unknown” errors at launch and when clicking on register new toon. Still non-functional (version 1.2)

  11. Rols says:

    The only other person who has reported a bug similar to this, also had their language set to French. I obviously don’t want you to have to switch to English to fix this bug. I’ll do a bit of research and see what I can find.

  12. Rols says:

    Ok I have now uploaded the new version that doesn’t communicate at all with a database.

    My hope is that this will give you no errors Kala, and it addresses other bugs such as the Primary Key one.

  13. Jacob Smith says:

    It crashed when I attempted to use the restore feature after updating

    • Rols says:

      did it give any errors?

    • Rols says:

      Until I find out what caused your error and get a fix up, and for anyone else who experiences similar problems, you can try registering the character manually to get access to your saved settings.

    • Rols says:

      for anyone else who had the same problem as Jacob, the problem was caused by a template name containing an invalid character, either – (dash) . (dot) or _ (underscore).

      The fix is to find the saved template file in the folder:

      (vista and windows 7)
      c:\documents and settings\-user-\AppData\Roaming\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LoTM\qbTemps

      (windows xp)
      c:\documents and settings\-user-\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LoTM\qbTemps

      Files in this folder should be in the format (characterName)_(templateName)-(server number).ini

      Adjust the template name for any files that have a dash, dot or underscore in the template name section. (e.g. Jimmytoon_my-template.for_level-50 chanter-35.ini :-: should be renamed to Jimmytoon_my template for level 50 chanter-35.ini)

      This current version should avoid such problems, although a template name with a dot is still being accepted by this version. This will be changed in the next version.

  14. Kala says:

    Works fine now, thanks :)

  15. Kala says:

    Yeap xD !! Was following the updates to see if my bug would get fixed :p !

  16. Jacob Smith says:

    This will come in handy if I ever start playing again, WTB Mythic to add the promised BG to gaheris…

    Also, odd choice of time zone, putting your site’s clock in Mountain Time

    • Rols says:

      I read through some of a huge thread regarding the fate of Mordred on the Mordred boards last night. It seems they canned the idea of transferring Mordred players to Gaheris. I hope they still give you a bg.

      Mountain time is my local timezone. Do you think Eastern would be more appropriate?

      • Jacob Smith says:

        I doubt the majority of people even notice, I only noticed because I’m used to seeing either Pacific or Eastern, most sites are in one or the other, which was a change from the norm (not good or bad, just different). If you’re in Mountain Time, I guess it makes sense, I just found it unusual enough to comment on (I’m a math major, I notice weird stuff like that)

        They’ve already ‘added’ the BG, both Molvik and CV, but neither is enabled. You can (or could, that was added right after I quit) port there, but the PVP wasn’t enabled in Molvik, and CV was completely empty of mobs (it was supposed to be a special PvE zone, like how we get our own special encounters for the 6 relics)

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  19. Tarrell says:

    Ok trying to use your program cause was suggested to me and keep getting this error:

    See the end of this message for details on invoking
    just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloudwisp\DAoC Settings Switcher\characters.dat’ is denied.

    Edited: Trimmed the comment, exception text has been recorded.

    • Rols says:

      I did some reading up about this. If you’re using Windows Vista (or maybe even 7?), I believe that the OS won’t allow programs to write to the program files directory after the install is complete.

      The files are supposed to be placed in the app data directory. So I will have to fix this.

      In the next couple of days I will change the program and post a new version. So keep an eye out.

      After i’m done, existing users whose program works fine will probably have to run the restoration tool built into the program to get their characters registered into the program again. It’s quick and painless.

      Thanks for the bug report!

  20. Tarrell says:

    Yep I am running Windows 7

    • Rols says:

      I have uploaded a new release that should solve your problem. Let me know if you still have troubles and I will have to get back to the drawing board.

  21. Fred says:

    I want to reinstall my OS, can this save all my settings to restore after I’m done with reinstall?

    • Rols says:

      Unfortunately no. But I can tell you how you’d back them up.

      Get a USB memory stick or something to back them up to, and then find the folder that holds your settings.

      If you’re using windows XP, it’s: (make sure you have enabled hidden folders and files)

      Documents and Settings\(your user)\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LoTM\

      In Vista and Win7 it’s:

      Users\your user)\AppData\Roaming\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\LoTM\

      Copy all the stuff in this folder.

      When you reinstall your OS and DAoC, log into DAoC and log out/exit, and it will create the folder again.

      Then navigate back to that folder, and paste all your files. Next time you log in, all your settings should be back.

  22. Marhalt says:

    Very good job, can you upgrade the choice of server with euro servers?

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